Lanan Adcock: Vengeance

Patricia Chica: Day Before Yesterday

Karen Cho: Extraordinary Canadians: Charlotte Gray on Nellie McClung; Extraordinary Canadians: Andrew Cohen on Lester B. Pearson; Extraordinary Canadians: Adrienne Clarkson on Norman Bethune

Lewis Cohen: Extraordinary Canadians: M.G. Vassanji on Mordecai Richler

Sheldon Cohen: Three Wishes / Moose of La Mancha

Joshua Dorsey: Extraordinary Canadians: David Adams Richards on Lord Beaverbrook; Extraordinary Canadians: Lewis DeSoto on Emily Carr

Greg Houston (co-director): Moose of La Mancha

Helene Klodawsky: Extraordinary Canadians: Jane Urquhart on Lucy Maud Montgomery; Extraordinary Canadians: Nino Ricci on Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Jefferson Lewis: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague

 Eisha Marjara: Lolita Diaries (in development)

Tom Puchniak: Extraordinary Canadians: Margaret McMillan on Stephen Leacock

Adrian Wills: Extraordinary Canadians: Rudy Wiebe on Big Bear (co-director); Extraordinary Canadians: Mark Kingwell on Glenn Gould


John Ashmore: Day Before Yesterday

Alain Julfayan: Extraordinary Canadians

Nathalie Moliavko-Visotzki: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague

Bobby Shore: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague; Extraordinary Canadians ; Vengeance


Vidal Béique: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague

Maxime Chalifoux: Extraordinary Canadians

Hannele Halm: Extraordinary Canadians

Chantal Lussier: Extraordinary Canadians

Alfonso Peccia: Extraordinary Canadians

Susan Shanks: Extraordinary Canadians; Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague


Ganesh Anandan: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague

Antoine Bustros: Extraordinary Canadians

Dino Giancola: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague


Terri Foxman

Tom Puchniak


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