Day Before Yesterday

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica, written by Sarah Beckett and produced with the support of the Bravo!FACT short film fund. A young woman is found in the middle of an empty Montreal street, lost and without any recollection of how she got there. She’s brought in by police who proceed to interview her – does she remember who she is? Can anyone else remember? We are carried through the story by the woman’s voice-over narration as she describes the utter loneliness she feels, until a visit from someone who claims to know her sheds unexpected light on the woman – and her past.

Day Before Yesterday – facebook page

Screened at many festivals, such as The Victoria Film Festival ; the Montreal’s RVCQ and The Magnolia Film Festival

Winner of:

– Outstanding Achievement Award in Filmmaking at the 2010 Williamsburg International Film Festival – NY, USA

– First Prize for Best Editing at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival – USA

– Outstanding Foreign Short award at the 2010  Sacramento Int’l Film Festival – Sacramento, CA, USA

– Platinum (1st place) Remi Award for Best directing of a short subject at the 2010 Remi Award Annual WorldFest – Houston, TX, USA

– Third Place at the 2010 International Short Film Festival of India – Chennai, INDIA

– Best Short Drama / Magnolia Independent Film Festival – Starkville, MS, USA

– Festival’s Choice Award /at the 2009 Dark River Film Festival – Luisville, KT, USA

– Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress & Best Sound /at the 2009 Director’s Chair Film Festival – New York, NY, USA



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