Lolita Diaries

Written and directed by filmmaker Eisha Marjara, in co-production with the NFB. Lolita, the prepubescent nymphet of one of the English languages’ most celebrated novels, has outlived her author and become immortalized as a mythic icon. Yet her identity remains an enigma – her story has only ever been told from the perspective of the male author and filmmakers who have created it. For the first time Lolita’s story is told from her perspective, here alongside dreamlike recreations of the filmmaker’s own chaotic journey towards womanhood. Intercut with colourful animation, archives, film clips, and interviews with Nabokovian scholars and cast and crew of both Lolita filmic adaptations, this feature documentary is an incisive yet whimsical look at female desire, one that takes us on a cinematic journey into the enchanting world of girlhood.

Eisha Marjara first drew attention with the witty and incisive The Incredible Shrinking Woman which received Honorable Mention at the Semana de Film Experimentale in Madrid in 1994. In 1999 she wrote and directed the documentary feature Desperately Seeking Helen, a National Film Board of Canada production which won the Jury Prize at the Muchen Dokumentarfilm festival in 2000 and the Critic’s Choice Award at the Locarno film festival.


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