Kenneth Hirsch: Executive Producer

Prior to founding PMA Productions Inc., Kenneth spent ten years at the National Film Board of Canada. Some of his credits as producer of documentaries include the Gemini award nominated Shylock (1999), directed by Pierre Lasry; the three-part television series War at Sea I and II (1995) and Web of War (1995), directed by Brian McKenna; and Berlin-festival selected Anatomy of Desire (1995), directed by Jean-Francois Monette and Anatomy of a Plague (2009), directed by Jefferson Lewis. As PMA’s executive producer, Kenneth handles relationships between financial and creative partners and works closely with key creatives to oversee production quality for all of PMA’s projects. Kenneth also co-directed Extraordinary Canadians Episode 4: Rudy Wiebe on Big Bear, and directed Extraordinary Canadians Episode 12: John Ralston Saul on Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin. He is a graduate of Harvard University.

Violaine Lemaitre: Administrator and Production/Postproduction coordinator

As well as assisting the producer and key creative partners on a logistical level, Violaine is also in charge of production and postproduction coordination as well as all administrative and accounting at PMA. Since completing a Masters Degree in Communications from la Sorbonne nouvelle (Paris), Violaine has chosen to immerse herself in the world of arts and culture, and has worked in literature, contemporary “gastronomic” arts and classical music. She is now pleased to use her managerial & coordination skills for film and television production.

Lauren Jane Heller: Creative Development, New Media and Associate Producer

Lauren Jane is a freelance writer and filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa, now based in Montreal. With a background in Dance, Theatre and English Literature, she turned her attention to film in 2008 after completing a Graduate Diploma in Communications Studies at Concordia University. After shooting her first solo film, I Don’t Believe It, in Israel and Palestine in 2008, she joined the team at PMA Productions Inc. Assigned to all things creative, her time at PMA is split between Associate Production, Creative Development and New Media Production.  She has also assistant directed for various Extraordinary Canadians shoots including Rudy Wiebe on Big Bear and John Ralston Saul on Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin. She is currently developing a family adventure travel show.

Claudia Semaan: Assistant to the Producer

Claudia joined the PMA team in 2010 assisting the producer in all daily activities. While serving as his right hand, she also assists the production and post-production coordinator. After graduating in English Literature and Film Studies at Concordia University in 2006, her cinematic journey has so far lead her from working with veteran VFX visionaries at an A-list visual effects house, to applying her well-versed talent in the art of scriptwriting as a freelancing content developer, writer, analyst, consultant, and editor. She is also currently assisting an Emmy-winning writer based in L.A. Claudia is also a proud advocate for locally produced projects, such as the short Quebecois folk epic Trotteur, to which she contributed as script reviser, editor and researcher. The short features local talent and is now making rounds at prestigious film festivals: 2011 Festival de Cannes, TIFF, LA Short Fest, and soon competing at the International Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand in early 2012. She is presently in the final stage of developing of her first co-produced comedy feature with her UK-based partner.



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