Written and directed by Lanan Adcock and produced with the support of the Bravo!FACT short film fund. A young woman named Alex is strolling along the beach when she accidentally steps on a crab, crushing his claw. Angry, the crab waves his magic wand and turns her into a mermaid, and with no other choice Alex and her new fishtail take to the sea. She and the crab quickly become entangled in a net belonging to three evil fishermen, but Alex manages to save herself, and the crab, whom she helps back to shore. The crab is so thankful that he reverses the curse and turns her back into a girl. Alex, now on legs, carries the crab inside and eats him.


Screened at the 2008 Prince Edward Island International Film Festival; the 2008 Fantasia Festival; the 2008 Toronto After Dark Film Festival; and the 2008 SPASM Film Festival.


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