The Premise: A drink that has captivated humankind for millennia, wine has a rich and turbulent history. Champagne, Bordeaux, Porto, Toscana. The world’s most famous wine regions are home to intrigues, territorial feuds, war stories, epic disasters and great successes.  Wine will enlighten the viewer about the surprising stories behind the bottles, innovative and sometimes accidental techniques, and see what makes a wine truly superior.

From Roman times to 20th century prohibition, from religious sacrament to sign of victory, wine has been crafted, bartered, saved, sold and enjoyed for all of recorded human history. Join us as we unravel the stories of twelve regions and their top producers and see why this fermented nectar is still the most coveted drink in the world.

The Style: The series interweaves stunning footage – aerial shots of regions, time lapse of the wine-making process, luscious details of wine being poured – with flawless and evocative reenactments, bringing the viewer back into history while rooted in the present. Each episode follows the making of the wine from vine to bottle, together with the rich histories that accompany each place. Paired with expert interviews in beautiful locales and seamless computer graphics, a taste of a history as full-bodied as the best of wines will leave the viewer wishing for more.


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